Sikkim journalists to be declared as frontline warriors

After Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and Uttrakhand and now Sikkim journalists to be declared as frontline warriors.

Sikkim journalists to be declared as frontline warriors

After Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and Uttrakhand and now Sikkim journalists to be declared as frontline warriors.

The Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang during his media address at Thakurbari on May 16, 2021 said, “ The demands kept by the Press fraternity  is taken into consideration and day after tomorrow we will pass the demand through cabinet and will declare Press and Media personnels  as frontline warriors”.

Prior to Chief Minister’s address on May 16, 2021 the Journalists Union of Sikkim had called an emergency meeting On May 15 and released a press statement asking Government to declare Journalists of Sikkim as frontline workers and provide vaccination at the earliest.

JUS President Bhim Rawat in a Press statement said, “Journalists cannot work from home, and have put their lives and health at risk on a daily basis to cover both the Covid-19 pandemic and other matters of public concern, including matters critical to health and safety of the public, and critical to our democracy, so journalists should be declared as frontline worker".

JUS official statement also reads “Amid surge in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases in the country several states have declared journalists as frontline workers for priority vaccination. At present fours journalists are infected with Covid -19 in Sikkim.”

The press and media personals have been among those who have been exposed to the covid!9 pandemic since the beginning, reporting and sharing news even from every possible areas, however were not declared as frontline workers but now after being declared as fronline workers by the state government some journalist shared their views 
Isabella Gurung  a journalist said “Few states, including our neighboring  state West Bengal have already declared journalists as frontline workers for vaccination.

Media is considered as one of the emergency services, not only in India but all over the world. The field reporters and other media staffs are on the field, discharging their duties and are prone to get infected in this pandemic, but at last we our demands were accepted and Hence I would like to thank the Journalists Union of Sikkim for putting up the demand and also to the state government for being kind enough to accept it”. 

Another young journalist Shawran Chettri stated “Our health and family should have been our major concern here, I mean in this worst situation but no right, we go out there every day, we meet people from different sectors just to do our job and it’s the responsibility of government to protect us in ways possible and I am glad that finally our voices has been heard by the state government”
After hearing about the news of being declared as frontline workers the Press club of sikkim also released a statement which stated “The Press Club of Sikkim would like to register its deepest gratitude towards Chief Minister PS Tamang for his benevolent gesture of not only offering a vaccination site dedicated to innoculate journalists exclusively, but also announcing that journalists will be formally recognised as Frontline Workers in Sikkim.

We appreciate that the Chief Minister took time out from overseeing Sikkim's response to the current crisis to address the request of the journalist fraternity and are deeply indebted for the empathy he has displayed in directing resources towards the safety and aspirations of media-persons at a time when there must be exceptional demands on him, his attention and the state's resources.
We also realize that the CM had nothing to lose if he did not take the proactive measures that he has initiated.  And it is for this reason that our fraternity is even more in his debt for these announcements and our gratitude even more heartfelt.

This concern for the fraternity, we are confident, will not be wasted because it has motivated all of us to dedicate ourselves with even more energy towards serving Sikkim more efficiently and more dedicatedly”.

Journalism is for the ‘voice of a voiceless’- expressing opinions of all those in our society. its primary purpose is to make sure all citizens are aware of their rights. Journalism is a difficult profession and today people depend on the press on being informed of what’s happening. A modern newspaper is something very much more than a mere purveyor of the news; it is also a store-house of current information, an instrument of public criticism, a creator of public opinion, meanwhile in some situations like this of covid19 pandemic, it’s the government responsibility too support and create safety environment, however the battle is won in Sikkim but apart from Sikkim  journalists should be declared as frontline workers world-wide.