"Do listen" to Avinam Mangar, Sikkim's young poet who took the Parliament by storm at NYPF 2021

"Do listen" to Avinam Mangar, Sikkim's young poet who took the Parliament by storm at NYPF 2021

21-year-old Avinam Manger from Dikchu, East Sikkim represented Sikkim in National Youth Parliament Festival 2021 on January 11th which was held in Sansad Bhavan, New Delhi. There was a total of 29 participants from different states across the nation wherein he secured the 3rd position. 

The young man is pursuing his studies in English Literature from Nar Bahadur Bhandari Degree College, Gangtok. His topic for the National Youth Parliament Festival (NYPF) was “Vocal for Local- Pathway to Transformational change to make India an economic superpower” and his speech was much admired by our Honourable PM Narendra Modi. 

Wherein Prime minister Tweeted “I admire Avinam's lively and passionate speech. He hails from Sikkim and spoke at length about India’s development. Do listen.” @narendramodi, January 12 

On his presentation at the NYPF, he highlighted that our nation has a great opportunity for economic growth and also has mentioned about the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative taken by our PM. His main focus was on the local market of the state and the potential of the market towards the economic growth, personal growth of the individuals involved and overall growth of welfare of the society. And as an example, he talked about local enterprise Fidgety Fingers which is led by women which works to empower the local economy and the women. He also emphasized on social media today and the global market that it has given us. He sees the future economic change of our nation in the youths with character and skill. 

Mr. Avinam participated in a lot of social activities and is also a member of Menstruation Hyenine Program which is run by the Red Sunshine, they usually go schools and educate them about sex education, good and bad touch and menstruation. He is also a member of an N.G.O Sri Satya Sai Seva organization where for the past 5 years he is teaching kids for one hour every Sunday om moral value and how to live a beautiful life and have positive attributes towards life. During his winter vacations, he spends a month in monasteries teaching the monks how to read and write in English. 

Avinam and his friend Manaen Lepcha (Manny) has created a social media page called Indreyni for young people in Sikkim where they promote youths who are entrepreneurs, RJ, writers and influencers. 

“In this social media platform, we try to empower youths through highlighting their work such as poems painting and photography”, says Manger.

Avinam also promotes sustainability for a greater world.  He not only wants to promote cleanliness but would also like the people to acknowledge the fact that the amount of waste they generate is harming the world in a way they cannot imagine.

He is also an activist on gender rights and issues, has attended many seminars and is very vocal about gender issues. Also, on his social media handle, he talks about homogeneity not only in India but in our state as well. He also interacts with his audience in the social media about other issues.  

He says that his journey started at the district level which he won and he came for the state level which was a tough competition overall he still won and secured a place for himself in the National Youth Parliament Festival in New Delhi. 

On being asked why he chose the topic “Vocal for Local” he answered that this is not just about him or about the state but it’s about all the local people across the nation who voted for the democracy of this country. Also adding that choosing this topic was to represent his childhood, lifestyle, culture and promoting the local products, local people of the state and the local places which made him who he is today. 

He believes that the youth of today can shape the future by representation and participation in all fields possible. To acquire the proper knowledge and pursue the field of interest with hard work in order to bring out the best. 

He also believes that the youths can contribute a lot towards “Vocal for Local” as in today’s world the youths are very much exposed to the digital world and has knowledge of the power the various social media platforms holds, therefore, they can help promote the local products online which adds to the local empowerment and economy. 

In future Avinam wants to work in the field of academics not limiting himself to the teaching and learning but also writing and publishing books, filming documentaries and looks forward to bring out and work with the educated, skilled, cultural and charactered youths, who will be the torchbearer of our nation.

His message for others is, “Don’t try to be someone, just don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to be me or don’t try to be Barack Obama or Mahatma Gandhi. Try to be yourself and try to know why you need to be yourself. In the process of being yourself, try to do all the things that make you happy and keep doing that. In the end, you will be able to conquer the world and leave a positive remark in society”. 

By Sangay Palmu Bhutia

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