‘Craftsmen Harbour’ established to empower youths of Sikkim

‘Craftsmen Harbour’ established to empower youths of Sikkim

Gangtok, February 21: Craftsmen Harbour, a young entrepreneurial venture group held a cancer awareness programme at Namchi on 20 February. This entrepreneurial group has seven members and is a youth platform based in Namchi who organizes events to showcase and highlight their artists and musicians among others. Established in 2018, the group have been doing well for themselves having booked several events in Siliguri and Pokhara, Nepal. The group members were acquaintances from Namchi who were pursuing their Undergraduate’s degree in Siliguri when they came up with the idea to conceptualize various talents in different genres and turning them into events which would also promote the artist or musician.

The cancer awareness programme is close to his heart says Founder of Craftsmen Harbour, Shumiran Chamling Rai as his close family member has also been diagnosed with cancer. Shumiran believes cancer has taken a backbench in Sikkim’s health industry and it has become essential to highlight and spread awareness on cancer.

Source: Craftsmen Harbour, Instagram

“Before I dived into the cancer awareness programme I did a lot of research on what is the most prevalent type of cancer in Sikkim and it turned out to be stomach or gestational cancer. Maybe because Sikkim is a tribal state and has a high consumption of smoked meat and other delicacies like fermented soybeans and vegetables (kinema and gundruk) which are oftentimes causes of gestational cancer so we at Craftsmen Harbour believe spreading awareness is the first and best preventive measure for gestational cancer or cancer at all.” says Shumiran.

He adds, “Statistics show that the stomach cancer death rate in Sikkim is around 12%-15% but in the future, this rate can only increase and Sikkim is also lacking in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment infrastructure so the younger generation has to be concerned and do something about this. Craftsmen Harbour will do everything to assist the State Health Department in any way we can.”

Rai believes this will also spark an interest in Science because students could present papers on cancer research in Sikkim.

Founder of Craftsmen Harbour Shumiran had the idea of compiling music, motivational talks, comedy, poetry, rap, beatbox and podcasts into youth platforms and thereafter into events to showcase and highlight talents from Sikkim. Craftsmen Harbour says they have been met with positive responses and have had many artist and musicians contact them on social media from Pakyong, Gangtok and Mangan.

MC and host of Craftsmen Harbour Simyon Rai say, “We were inspired to create opportunities for talented artists and the like. Through these conceptualized events we will locate, highlight and showcase talents properly thus creating opportunities for them. Sikkim could have had their Narayan Gopal but there wasn’t anyone to highlight and showcase such talents and with Craftsmen Harbour, we hope to find Sikkim’s own Narayan Gopal. These events we do aren’t just for entertainment, we also hope to inspire more entrepreneurs and find new talents from Sikkim.”

In the future, the group has plans to create more programmes which will include orphans and include the older generation in their podcasts as well. They also plan to organize events to discuss and spread awareness on Sikkim politics, spirituality and feminism.