Anonymous Facebook account posts derogatory remarks on local senior journalist

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Anonymous Facebook account posts derogatory remarks on local senior journalist

Gangtok, April 24:

The trend of creating a fake social media account and defaming a media interest has become popular these days, while many have been caught in the process and have been punished yet the trend is far from dwindling in our society. Previously targets of these fake social media accounts were mostly people having political affiliations with political parties, now the trend is leaning towards the journalists of the state.

Kabita Sharma, a senior journalist of Sikkim also faced a similar defamation situation on April 18, when a fake Facebook account administered by an anonymous individual posted her personal photo using a derogatory caption following which Sharma also lodged an FIR to Crime-Branch Crime Investigation Department, (CBCID) Gangtok on April 20. While describing the incident, Sharma stated, “An anonymous person using a fake Facebook ID had uploaded a picture of mine using a vulgar caption in the post which was informed to me by my friends and well-wishers. Initially, I ignored this incident but later when I got messages from my friends and others, was when I filed an FIR against the fake Facebook account after I came to the realization that if I don’t take action now the scratch may become a wound someday which will directly affect and discourage me further.”

Sharma adds, “I believe this incident happened because of the fact that I am a journalist, I think it was carried out to demoralize and discourage me. Such posts were posted or circulated, it's unfair and the trend of making fake social media IDs and circulating such posts is just not done. I believe in our legal system and I hope whoever is behind this act gets punished.”

Sikkim Chronicle spoke to other senior journalists of Sikkim, one such being Pankaj Dhungal, Correspondent, East Mojo who says, “Sikkim has this stupid culture of making fake IDs, I don’t know what is so imbibing to the people about becoming an anonymous person inside Facebook and writing such things. They tend to do that and have been targeting a lot of people over the course of time largely political people hiding behind a screen. A reputed journalist like Kabita Sharma being a victim of such an incident is very unfortunate because it also points to the facts that I think, nobody is actually away from these paradigms of the circle or the target of this kind of group.”